A Coffee Grinder (Amongst Other Things)

...is a thing I need

I also need a non-stick cooking pan (for small stuff), a small cooking pot with a good handle that is both small, yet large enough for about two full cups of coffee (for the French press and other things). I also possess a very expensive Chemex Coffee maker (that is at the 'rents house for some reason) that I need to bring home and just ditch the (again) Bodum French press.

....... and that's it. I do not go overboard when itcomes to cooking which means I do not go overboard when it comes to cleaning ;) I am also sort of a minimalist and I do not own, nor want to own, a microwave and I have to be smart about what cooking gear I buy because it will be used a lot.

And as long as I am on the subject of food, I need to stock up on “dry goods”. I need to get a bunch of quinoa, spices, herbs, sauces, dressing, and junk like that so I can be prepared to make any dish at any time. Important to “stock up” a few times a year so I can be creative when I wanna be.

Getting a decent Nalgene has been on my list of things to buy for quite some time, too, because I drink a lot of water (a GOOD habit!).

Transitioning again – speaking of good habits: I should start saving money (via silver) again. I have a handful (literally a handful) of small coins and bars in a drawer, but it is about time I start to put together a little bit more to my silver stack. I do not see a time when I am ever going to cash-in the silver for actual fiat money, but it is always good to have a little bit of precious metals handy for a rainy day, I suppose.

In fact: this is what I should make the month of June “about” – stocking up on long-lasting foodskee and buying some precious metals, and maybe even a bulk tin of tobacco. Unfortunately, it seems that all of the places I have looked at online (and in-store) that sell 120mL bottles of e-cig juice will only sell that size with 3mg nicotine or less. I guess because of regulation??? I don't know but I gotta order the stuff from and BY MyFreedomSmokes in order to get the mL/mg I want. Pain i n the ass.

Just thinking out loud.