A One-Off Creation?

PSShub is terrific but I had to really think about for quite some time before I had everything I needed to

A) write the content B) get the alternatives (to Google services) C) get the inspo to make the thing

So coming back to the last blog post (What Now? What Comes Next?) the answer is: I Have no fucking clue! I have a blog (this one), I wrote an #ebook (“Littered Thoughts”), created PSShub.online, and now I suppose I can put more time and resources into making the ambient Black Metal album I have been wanting to make(?) I know I have wanted to make said album for quite some time and most of the cover artwork, all of the song titles and lyrics are done. I know I want to make a physical release with a limited number of copies (100) on cassette tape and literally GIVE them away to anyone who will distribute them. I even more or less have the tools to make this album (EP, really) and I think it will be a lot of fun, so I think I am going to do it.