Another Break From Social Media

I feel like taking a break from social media is definitely a good thing to do right now, but I have always been the one to take it a weeeeee bit further and take entire breaks from the Internet. I am not terribly interested in the latter though, because I just finished PSShub v.2.1 and I am very proud of it and I want to look at it, and configure the Nanode server on Linode a little bit later on. I want to have access to the Internet, but I do not need to amuse myself with social media 24/7/365, I don't think.

So, I am making coffee and the sliding glass door is wide open and the birds have yet to go to sleep, so they are amusing me (somewhat). I also read a very interesting newsletter about a guy who walked, or kinda hiked....walked, I guess around Japan or China or somewhere and then he wrote a newsletter about it and I subscribed to said newsletter long before he started his trek. A lot of this newsletter was about offline life. Twas a good newsletter.

Anyway, be back in a bit!