Cleaning Everything

In my studio apartment, and for no other reason than it needs cleaning. I started with the kitchen and took out trash, started dishes, cleaned the counters, cleaned the stove, cleaned up desk.

Once the dishes are done, I am going to use my NEW enamel pan that I got in the mail today to make some pancakes (because I am low on other goods), and then I will have the calories/energy to clean up the bathroom.

Then on Tuesday, I am going to borrow the Dyson vac from the moms and come over here and vacuum the entire apartment which will take about 10 minutes. (430 sq ft studio ftw!)

I am also going to organize everything and make sure there is a place for everything and that everything is in it's place. This whole endevor (sp?) would take about an hour if I already had the vac + wasn't waiting to eat something first. Life is always easier when you are a #minimalist such as myself and have so little to move around and clean and whatnot. Life is just....easier.

Doing laundry Tuesday, as well. #goodtimes

Be back in a bit!