As I have been saying for quite some time now, I am going to earn my CompTIA ITF+ cert this Summer and I just looked over a bunch of stuff on the official site, took a “know your stuff” quiz (for the most part) and downloaded a bunch of material I will need. I still have a shitload to do but it is something I plan to earn within the next two months and i am v much so looking forward to it.

I also hopped backed on DropBox (even though i swore off cloud computing) because I needed a place to host my CompTIA ITF+ cert when I get it + my other cert that I earned from SLCL Cliff Cave branch on Writers Research Methodologies. I put all that ish on so check it out. I also tried to log into LinkedIn to S&G's and they said I needed a fucking State ID or Passport in order to access MY data! They are on crack. Fuck LinkedIn. I hear it is a bunch of clueless recruiters trying to get either highly over/under qualified people to work for them or recruiters who have no clue wtf they are even recruiting FOR blowing up your DM's on that site. Ridiculous.

Anyway, I am going to make something to eat and call it a night (sorta). By the way, I am still going to work on PSShub while I am getting the CompTIA ITF+ simultaneously bc I am fucking extra like that ;)

Be back in a bit!