Even Though...

...I pitched the Stanwell 98 poker (tobacco pipe) and the Velvet and Borkum Riff tobaccys, I still want to buy more as I truly do enjoy having a pipe now and again. I think I am going to buy an affordable corn cob pipe (as they are very cheap) and a container of...something next month. I don't know. Pipe smoking is so relaxing and tasty and enjoyable that I can see myself not giving it up, but I already smoke so damn much to begin with. Not “smoke” too much, but use too much nicotine (lozenges, e-cig, etc). I would give the whole nicotine habit the boot, but that is not going to happen.

So anyway, I am making coffee right now and enjoying the sunset coming in through my blinds. Twas a good day, for sure. Tomorrow & Sunday, no plans. :/

Be back in a bit!