Fooling With

I like it quite a bit. Would be a fun company if they weren't so reliant on VC's (but that is just my personal opinion of the company side of things). The PRODUCT is very nice, even though it is a bit all-encompassing and it is trying to replace EverNote, so I can see why it is all-encompassing. Geared towards users who like to make their own lives complicated (even though in their mind they are somehow “simplifying”).

I'll say this – if you wanna simplify your ideas, thoughts, To-Do's and the like, and the only idea you can muster is either EverNote or keep thinking. There are literally thousands of other apps out there that are easier/simpler to use (and do the same thing(s)).

But I like because it is new, I suppose.

I thought I would have a lot more to say about it in a positive sense, but I suppose I don't, really.