Fuck It. Hello, Twitter.

Yeah, I'm back on that lame ish. IDGAF if I am psychologically addicted to a social network that has awful people using it. It is just....how it is. (Until Twitter gets broken apart or the World ends in 2050. Whichever comes first. Both are fine by me.)

I am making a mini pizza and letting the problems of the world melt away for me. It seems that I invite drama into my psyche (by reading news, Tweets, and Tweets about the news), but it also seems to be the only way I can function properly in 2019, so....there it is.

Also, kinda/sorta regretting throwing the Velvet tobaccy in the dumpster. I could've gone w/o the Borkum Riff or even the Stanwell 98 poker, but the Velvet is a very good smoke and I am going to have to buy some again soon.

Life is still boring. Humans get bored. How it is.

Be back in a bit!