Hey There, Twitter

But a different Twitter. A Twitter which only contains 1,400 of my Tweets from this “alternative” acct that I have had since 2015. It is not the same Twitter that contained the 87K+ Tweets from the old acct that I deleted (that is now lost and gone forever (o' ma darlin' Clementine)). So this is a New, NEW Twitter acct that will now be my primary. I am [@]ymmotXYZ on there for now and that is all ye need to know, I believe. I am not changing up shit anywhere because, to be honest, it is kind of embarrassing that I still use Twitter in 2019 and cannot seem to give it up. Even when I delete my primary acct and everything that was with it. I suppose it doesn't matter, though.

Anyway, the Meramec River is set to crest this evening and quite possibly flood out the last known route to get to the 'rents unless of course someone drives all the way up to Highway (Insterstate?) 270 and backtracks to get to my apartment. Terrible thing, this flooding. And the climate change that made it happen is awful, too. I will not go into all the bad shit I have been hearing about human existence ceasing to BE in 2050, or how I think that year should be 2030, or how everything seems to be going to Hell in a hand basket as far as weather is concerned. Hard Times ahead of us (humanity) that is for sure.

Anyway, be back in a bit!