I Saw Live Deer Today

...when I went to Cliff Cave Park. I hiked the 2-mile primitive trail loop and saw only one adult deer and the rest were fauna (if I am spelling that correct?). They were just as curious about me as I was about them and they stood about 15 feet away from me and just stared. Was really cool. I also stopped and took a break and had a bowl of Sutliff tobaccy in n area where I felt I was the most “remote”. Overall, the day was great and I got 4 miles walked in total.

Also, I called an left a message for my caseworkers boss to let her know that I want to switch caseworkers, and I am going to hear back from her tomorrow, I guess. Looking forward to hearing back.

I also did a moment of work on PSShub tonight (dealing with images) and I am waiting for those to propagate.

Weight loss is inevitable. With the #STLWX getting better every day (warmer), it means I am going to be walking more and more and hiking more and more and with that – weight loss is inevitable. I am already down 7 lbs from the past two months! MY diet (which has been vegetarian for damn near 5 years) is improving, too, in terms of increasing the amount of fruits I am eating daily. I would eat only fruit if I could.

That's all for now.