I Slept...Good Enough

I don't know the exact hours, but i slept roughly four hours and that is good enough for me, I think. At least good enough for me to be confident enough to make coffee at 3AM and do a bloggy post and find some stuff to watch on YT.

It's a quiet night around here. Certainly wish it was the sunlight hours though so I could go grocery shopping (which is the first thing on the schedule when the sun does rise). Laundry is the second thing on the schedule. Usually all this would be done on a Wednesday but Tuesday is Dad's birthday so, I need to be ready. I think every year we are going to acknowledge it together just like we would if he were still here. We are eating some good food, and gonna spend some time at the 'rents house, just hang out.

That's all for now.

Be back in a bit!