Maybe It Just FEELS Better To Write

I tend to like to always be doing something and when I am blogging, journaling, working on an e-book, etc. I feel I am “in-the-act-of-accomplishing” something. So that is probably why I write five blog posts a day. That and that seems to be the only way I know how to interact with the WWW as I didn't use the Internet an awful lot circa 2006 and then when I did come back online, I decided to start a blog and then it was always about blogging all the time. Before that...I don't remember before that. I think I stayed up late and watched TV a lot. LOL!

But I always want to be adding my thoughts to the Internet is some form or another for...forever. It's a shame that blogging has more or less fallen off a cliff (as well as almost everything else) since the invention of social media because blogs used to be a pretty cool thing. I still subscribe to many via an RSS reader called Feedly, and many of them are sparsely updated these days. If they were a “big” blog that had ads and made a lot of money, they were bought out and have new owners, writers, logos, content, fucking everything.

In these past dozen+ years, I would like to think that I have gotten better at writing, and that my words still mean something to some subset of people, but the big readership has gone away. The old “20's-something” me is a relic of the past and I am a new(er) person and I am better off for it. I am happy with my life, happy with what I create and will create, happy with my circumstances, just overall, a happy guy :)

I think I am going to sit here and...think about more things to write about. Look at possible projects I can work on in the future. Enjoy some fresh air. Relax.