My Stance: Nicotine

It's a bad thing. It's an addictive drug (albeit a naturally occurring one), and people should avoid it at all costs.

With that being said, I have been a nicotine user for 20+ years and I am going to write this blog post as a testament (to myself) on where I stand on the subject of nicotine and nicotine products.

For one; I would prefer to vaporize instead of smoke cigarettes. I would like to vaporize at maybe a 24 mg level and have that accessible to me at all times (or buy the juice in bulk so I do not have to revert to traditional cigarettes on the rare occasion).

Two; I do like to smoke a tobacco pipe sometimes, but a small pouch of that can last me a month or more, and I do not sit and smoke the stuff non-stop or anything like that, and .... yeah. It is a pleasant experience in my eyes, and I don't see myself giving that up anytime soon.

Three; nicotine (quitting) lozenges. I hate them. I have a lot of them on-hand in my apartment for when I have to go somewhere where I cannot, should not smoke and also they were free (or my insurance covered them) for a time when I was trying to kick the nicotine habit, and I still have them.

So, my stance is this – I am going to order a large amount of e-cig juice in-bulk very soon so I do not have to order any more for several months and more importantly, not have to revert back to traditional cigarettes again, hopefully ever.

I know all of this sounds silly to the non-user and people are more than likely thinking, or even saying out-loud to their computer screen “why don't you just stop?!” Well, it is not that easy. I see vaporizing as a viable alternative to the once-regular-cigarette smoker BUT I think it is incredibly stupid to pick one up and start using it to be “cool”, just like it is incredibly stupid to pick up a cigarette and start smoking them to be “cool”. As I said, avoid nicotine at all costs.

So this is where I stand. No more of this back-and-forth bullshit I have been dealing with for the past....MONTHS! E-cig or bust. #DONE!