Thinking About Technology

I wrote about this before and I wish I could find the blog post where I address my concerns I have with technology (as in, technology as a whole). In the blog post I came across as, as I may secretly be, a Luddite who believes that, yes, many good things have happened because of technology, but all the Big, Bad, Disastrous things that have happened in human history were the result of technology, too. To remove myself (I argued) from the Internet, is like saying “if humans were still devolved and hadn't invented weapons yet, there would be no war”. If I simply didn't pay my prepaid phone plan for LTE data, I wouldn't waste all my time Tweeting! A fair analogy.

But it isn't my willingness to break a cycle of attention-grabbing, time-sucking, social media addiction that leads me to my disposition of thinking (knowing) that technology, is indeed, bad. It is a gut instinct, something I have had since I was very little (perhaps from not growing up around computers, perhaps from having a father who was a self-professed Luddite, perhaps from having mother who couldn't stand the subject of science and couldn't be less interested in computer science), but I always had this FEELING that technology and the resources used to create them and the attention and time spent using them, somehow separated us from the outside world. It could also be because I was the only kid in the neighborhood who always thought it was preposterous and insane that we tolerate light pollution and that we, as humans, as living creatures, were entitled to see the Milky Way every night of our lives. It wasn't until I was 28 years old that I actually saw the Milky Way in all its glory and felt like an entirely different person, yet knowing myself better than I ever had before. Just by looking at the sky.

Thousands of years. Thousands of years humans existed before the technological revolution of the 1990s (and beyond). Thousands of years we existed, and thrived, before the industrial revolution. Thousands of years we lived, loved, and were happy before centralized electricity, and radio, and television. So, what I am getting at is this: instead of barreling forward to a non-existent finish line of “who is most read-up on the news”, or who saw the most “stuff” on social media today, or who is....whateverthefuck, I am going to take a long, slow, big step back from media consumption, and just focus on my life. My projects. My creativity. My writing. And my goals. Just taking a breather. That's all.