This Apartment

I have enjoyed this apartment immensely. When the lease is up in October, I am going to move...somewhere. I don't know where I am moving to, yet, but I do want to “move” (or travel a bit, really). But this blog post is not about future plans but my current status as far as living in this apartment. I have enjoyed it here. Very nice neighborhood, I feel safe and “at home” here, the design of the apartment is very unique with some exposed cinder block walls and a desk built in to the kitchen/living room area, decent sized balcony, the works. The only complaint of course, is the floors of this unit (which is why I am giving up the apartment. Too hard on my knees, these weak and jobbly floors. But I am also giving it up because it is time to move on (or will be in October). Time to find an even better place to live. I want to hike, mostly.

Anyway, that's all for now

Be back in a bit!