Time For Coffee And Writing

Between those two things, that makes up 90% of my day. Haha. I am making espresso, really. Not coffee. I am aiming to change to black tea in the next few weeks here, though, I think. I have been off dark colas for half a week and off energy drinks for 2-ish months. These are very good things.

Gonna cut out empty carbs, too (crackers, chips, etc) which I have talked about before on here. Just good vegetarian food and that is all. Though I am not giving up bread, yet. Plant-based carbs are the best thing a human can put into their body, though. Rice, bananas, apples, etc. All very good for you. A raw foodist would say that rice is “glue-slime” but I am not a raw foodist, so I'll deal.

The espresso is delish.

Be back in a bit!