As I await for my shipment from Bethlehem, PA. from of Sutliff Vanilla Custard pipe tobacco, I am sitting here with the window open and haing some Swisher BLK Cherry cigar tobacco out of my Stanwell 98 billiard, because I have nothig better to do nor smoke. My e-cig is out of juice, so I figured it would be a good night to have some tobaccy a it is a bit cool outside. Cool and dry, rare for these past few weeks in STL.

Anyway, I was talking a bit on Twitter about how I cannot wait for it to be Winter again because that is when I order the “high-end” and expensive tobaccos because they just taste better with the bite of the Winter air. I am probably going to stick to aromatics during the Summer/Fall and I will be trying out some different blends throughout that time.

It's 11 PM, and I feel good :)

Be back in a bit!